Recent history of Weyrth

Here is a list of major events in the past 20 years that should be well known enough that all players will have heard of them:

1494 – With the rise of a new Stormqueen, raids from Odeon into the west have intensified. Some have speculated that he has been able to unite the barbarian tribes.

1489 – The war between Gelure and the Empire is ended as Uglub and all generals still loyal to him are executed after nearly 30 years of warfare. Citizens of Gelure quickly revert to their Xanarian roots. While the territory is officially free with an elected senate to govern them, local lords (in reality high freeman who are the only people allowed to vote) were appointed by the Empire himself.

1484 – William IX accends to the throne.

1467 – The Otamarluk empire officially announces a war on the infidels of the west. The Sul’taan has found powerful allies with T’zaul and Kryn-Khanan officially joining the crusade. They have begun heavy in roads into the still imperial Taveruun.

1460 – Stahl nobility are forced to renounce Xanar and pledge loyalty only to Stahl, making atheism the official state religion. Despite this they continue to pay tribute to the empire. New temple construction in Stahl slows, but attendance among the people actually grows (in Stahl this is the only acceptable way to go against the state).

1450 – The great explorer Sydney Wilburton successful circumnavigates Weyrth. While a few populated islands were found, it is clear that there is no other large continent. Today trips from Xanarium to Tenyoku can be completed in as little as 6 months, with 3 re-supply stops in those newly discovered lands. Trade and relations with the east remain strained but small trade convoys do make the journey.

1300-1350 – The purging takes place, as the Sons of Righteous War begin to kill anyone suspected of practicing witchcraft or Thayrism. The violence becomes an inner struggle between the three factions of the Imperial church result significant deaths among the high priests and scholars. Ultimately, tens of thousands are killed before the chaos ends. The emperor orders the execution of the leaders of the Sons of Righteous Hand and from that moment on the holy order reports directly to him

1200 – After nearly two centuries of decline, the empire “falls”. After a 5 year period where barbarian tribes control the capital city of Xanarium, the noble family finally returns. Because the international role of the church did not wane during this time period (the Barbarians were actually strong followers the church of Three becomes One), when the royal family did return they were able to return to a position of great, albeit diminished, influence in the world.

800-1000 – The peak of the empire. The church of Three Gods Become One spreads throughout the world and there is barely a place in the civilized world where that does not accept the three tenets of Knowledge, Mercy and Justice.

Recent history of Weyrth

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