Character Creation

Character creation will generally follow riddle of steel guidelines, with a few exceptions. Feel free to not worry about the specifics and just come up with a framework and I will help you flesh them out. Ultimately, each character must assign one category (Race, Social Class, Attributes, Skills, Proficiencies, and gifts) to each priority (A,B,C,D,E,F). See table below.
Character sheets

Priority Race Social Class Attributes Skills Proficiencies Gifts/Flaws
A Human or Dwarf Landed Noble (250 G) + 1 loyal squire 47 Points 6/6 14 points 2 major gifts
B Human or Dwarf Landless Noble (100 G) 43 Points 6/7 9 points 1 major gift
C Human High Freeman (50 G) 39 Points 7/7 6 points 1 major gift, 1 minor flaw
D Human Low Freeman (25 G) 35 Points 8/8 4 points 1 minor gift, 1 minor flaw
E Human Peasant (5 G) 31 Points 9/9 2 points 1 minor gift, 1 major flaw
F Human Prisoner or Slave (0 G) 27 Points 9 0 points 1 minor flaw, 1 major flaw

Spiritual Attributes (SAs) – For those unfamiliar with the system SAs are how your character “levels” in this game. As a player accomplishes goals related to their SAs they will receive SA points. No attribute can go over 5. These points can be added as dice anytime a roll advances the characters goals (or subtracted if the character is going against it). All characters must choose destiny. They may choose up to 4 from the following (Faith, Passion, Oath, Drive, Conscience) and assign 7 points across them. Aside from conscience you can pick the same category more than once (i.e., you could have Passion: lusty wenches and Passion: great beer). In spite of the names, the underlying statements do not need to be positive (Faith could be “I don’t believe in God” or Oath could be “to support the effort of the thieves guild”). Provided they match the character it should be ok. The given destiny to all characters is “To see the establishment of a new imperial order.” Characters will also begin with 1 drama point, which can be used to stop a deadly wound, make a failed (but not botched) roll a success or to help advance the story in a variety of ways. SAs can be used to buy drama points at a 1 for 1 basis and will be awarded for exceptional roleplaying or support.

For race: I will allow players to play a rock dwarf (+2 to TO or ST, -1 SOC and a free crafting skill at 6). I will not be using any of the racial modifiers from the riddle of steel book unless they take a higher than F as a human, in which case they can choose racial modifiers or something else suitable for the priority.

For social class, I would like 1 person to use an A or B, but probably not more than that. Keep in mind that NPCs will recognize your social class unless you hide it well (it is easier to fake being a serf than a noble) and there are some restrictions based on class and location (only freeman and above can own weapons in many places, peasants are not permitted into crafting guilds in Stahl, etc.).

Attribute costs are slightly different than the core book. I don’t care about the one high attribute requirement, but it should be more expensive to move up the ladder. Up to level 5 at creation all moves will be one point, 5 to 6 or 6 to 7 is 2 points. Above that each move will require an additional point. Toughness cannot be higher than the average of endurance, health and strength. When using spiritual points to buy attributes I have a slightly different system here is a chart I stole:

From To SA Cost
0 1 1
1 2 2
2 3 4
3 4 7
4 5 10
5 6 13
6 7 16
7 8 19
8 9 22
9 10 25

I will allow any packet. Rather than reprint all of the details here I prefer you to pick without looking at the underlying skills based on your character background. Each character (except those who choose F as the skill priority) must choose 2: Academic, Assassin, Beggar/Street Urchin, Bounty Hunter, Clergyman, Courtier, Druid/Ritualist, Entertainer, Guardsman, Highwayman, Knight, Laborer, Manservant/Butler, Merchant/Trader, Peasant/Craftsman, Pirate, Prostitute, Sailor, Soldier, Spy, Swordsman, Thief, Warrior, Woodsman/Ranger.

Proficiencies represent your ability to utilize different fighting styles (i.e. dagger, sword and board, etc.). At creation a you can have a maximum of 7 points for any combat style (8 if you utilize an A priority). At creation all levels are bought at even point costs (i.e., level 6 proficiency costs 6 points total). When using SA points to level, the cost to increase the level is equal to the current proficiency. (i.e., 6 SA points to move to Level 7). Characters may only start with weapon styles that match their background, but otherwise just let me know what type of weapons you want to use and it will probably be ok. I recommended focusing on at most 2 types of weapons (1 melee and 1 ranged).

Gifts/Flaws one you have an idea of who your character is and have filled out the rest of this, I will give you options. These can range quite a bit.

After the character is created players can utilize their current Mental Aptitude score to add skills or improve skills. All characters must speak Imperial, if that is not part of the origin one point must be used for that (it will be treated as fluent – skill rating 4). Other points can be used to add languages at a 9 rating which must be improved to do more than basic conversations.

Character Creation

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