The Divine Right of Kings


The 23rd day in the third cycle of 1498.

It has been nearly 1500 years since Xanar’s seed first flowed into this world. In that time the kingdom of his sons had grown to cover most of Weyrth. However, territorial and theological disputes have fractured that kingdom for the last 500 years. While the close bonds of the independent nations allowed the Empire to resist any intrusion and to protect it’s citizens it looks as if those ties are falling apart.

The church and state are now nominally separate, but no king has dared to question the authority of the Church of Three Become One (at least inside of the empire). Outside of the empire The Vows of the Prophet has become a strong military and political force and the area between the two empires has shrunk to nothing. It is only a matter of time before open conflict begins….

Our party will begin in northern Cyrinthmeir, not 200 miles from the border of Stahl in the small village of Crescenton. It is currently the harshest winter in the last 200 years, with snow making most travel impossible.


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